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Four main issues
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On 12 August the CARC Party, within its National Festival, will hold an initiative to celebrate the Centenary of October Revolution, were there will come comrades representatives of parties struggling for socialism from Venezuela, Turkey, Philippines. The issue is “Teachings by October Revolution for advancing on the road taken and lead the communist movement on the world level  and in each country to new victories”. Task of the initiative is to show to Italian popular masses the rebirth of the international communist movement and the cooperation among Italian communist movement and the parties and organizations at the vanguard in the struggle for socialism and against imperialism.

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August 9, 2017

Greetings from the (n)ICP to the P.CARC Festival of People’s Revival on the occasion of the celebration on August 12 of the Centenary of the October Revolution


Dear comrades,

first of all I would like to thank the comrades of P.CARC who gave the (new) Italian Communist Party of Italy the opportunity to bring you its greetings. The Centenary of the Victory of the October Revolution is the occasion to evaluate the situation about the rebirth of the communist movement in our country and in the world. The international community of European, American and Zionist imperialist groups has succeeded in imposing to the world a catastrophic course of things. All humanity is dragged and affected in it in every field, the economic, the political, ecological, intellectual and moral ones. That international community has been able to do it thanks to the exhaustion of the revolutionary wave raised all over the world by the victory of the insurrection of 7 November 1917 in Petersburg and by the consequent construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, promoted by the communist movement first led by Lenin and then by Stalin. Even the Great Cultural Revolution promoted by Mao Tse-tung in the People's Republic of China has not been able to stop the exhaustion that is the expression of the decadence of the communist movement.

So, the rebirth of the communist movement is the task of the moment. It was the conscious and organized communist movement embodied by Lenin and Stalin’s party which promoted the revolutionary wave in the world: It is therefore its decadence that has allowed Kruscev, Teng Hsiao-ping and their members and successors to break up in the second part of the century the first socialist countries, communist parties and the revolutionary movement. Their work allowed the bourgeoisie to take over the direction of humanity, and humanity today suffers the effects from one end to the other of earth, and in every field.

Some who call themselves communist today claim that the capitalism studied, explained and described by Marx in his work, The Capital, is no longer the basis of the current bloody and painful course of things. They argue that a new way of production was born with globalization, with the entry of new powers in international politics, with the great development of the productive forces created by the systematic application of the entire wealth of knowledge acquired by human species to the production of goods and services and with the unlimited multiplication of those goods and services producted. "The world is completely changed": this is their litany. This thesis is wrong and damaging. It  repeats the thesis already proposed by bourgeois sociologists at the beginning of the last century when imperialism was arising. It was resumed in the communist movement by Bukharin and others, refuted by Lenin and denied by the experience of the whole century.

This thesis is born from the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie spurns any science of history because it shows the end of its dominion, and its responsibility of the past that the bourgeoisie does not want to bear. This thesis is the premise to set aside the political aspects of communist conception: class struggle, special role of the working class, communist party tasks, establishment of socialism. No one has ever managed to give any consistent evidence of such a thesis. The repeaters of this thesis are only able to make empirical narrations. They are only able to put unilaterally the focus of attention, isolating it and thus giving it a deformed representation, to one or another of the many new things that there certainly are and that we Communists must carefully consider.

To say that the current configuration of production relationships, political relations, and the whole system of human relations is a superstructure of old capitalism is not equivalent to say "so there is nothing new", nothing important, nothing which we must carefully consider. The superstructure is not a hat or a mask that one puts and takes off at his will. It is the top floor of a building that grows on the same foundation. Those who want to demolish the building must take it into account!

We are facing capitalism and the superstructure that it had and have to generate due to the effects of the first wave of the proletarian revolution and its exhaustion, and due to the new general crisis of absolute overproduction of capital.(1) Humanity still needs to establish socialism in its three basic aspects: political, economic and social ones. We must guide the classes and the oppressed peoples to establish it. It is therefore necessary to build the Communist Party able to carry out its task of leading the working class and the popular masses. October Revolution, building socialism in the Soviet Union, the experience of the aborted socialist revolution in our and in other imperialist countries are the fields of experience to which we must draw. The main aspect of the exhaustion of the first wave of the proletarian revolution is precisely the failure to establish socialism in the imperialist countries, where all the progress that humanity can make in the context of capitalist social relations is basically accomplished.


(1) About this matters see http://www.nuovopci.it/eile/en/f-issues.html


At the time of October Revolution Lenin and the Communist International already since its first Congresses clearly said that the communist parties born in Europe and the USA on the wave of the victory of the October Revolution were still guided by a conception of the world that made them unable to establish socialism. In his Letter to the German Communists, of August 14, 1921, Lenin explains it clearly, but he had already explained it in more detail in the October 1916 script About a caricature of Marxism. These are teachings that Stalin has repeated again and again and so did Zdanov in 1947 when the Italian and French communist parties abandoned the task of advancing the socialist revolution in their respective countries. Gramsci has been the only leader of the communist parties of the imperialist countries, who endorsed the task of transforming the Party, the task that the Communist International had entrusted to him. It is the task which he explicitly states in the February 1926 document Five Years of Party Life and that he continued to carry out with the Prison Notebooks.

The Communist Party only advances with the struggle of the line inspired by the communist conception of the world against the line that reproduces in the party the intellectual and moral influence that bourgeoisie exerts on popular masses.


Comrades, even today our main and immediate task is to elevate the knowledge and assimilation of the communist conception of the world and the ability to translate it into the particular situations in which they operate and to apply it  concretely, in all the comrades who want to end the catastrophic course of things. It is indispensable not only for making them capable of taking the direction of the working class and the popular masses, but also for making them persist in their own way. Today, there are coming up to us people attracted by the memory of heroism and of the achievements of the old communist movement, generous people dedicated to the claiming struggles, people fascinated by the potential of organized masses, people curious to understand where the world is going, people afflicted by mal de vivre and that want to feel better. We need to welcome them all but to each one we must teach the science and art to transform the world and make the socialist revolution advance. Only so they can become communist. The course of things is so catastrophic today in every field and the situations created by the imperialist bourgeoisie is so serious that anyone who abandon himself to the impressions that his direct experience and narrations, sounds and images spread by mass media and Internet aroused momentarily in him, becomes cynical or desperate. What distinguishes us Communists is that we have an analysis of the course of things, we know its reason, and we realize a line to work it out. Just because we have deeply thought about these issues (analysis, cause and line) and we have clearly defined them, everyone of us acts serenely and at his best the task assigned to him in the party's action plan.

There are many breeding grounds where comrades are already struggling for the rebirth of the communist movement all over the world. We wish all of you to contribute by embracing the heritage of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The future is Communism! The more we fight with science and art, the faster we will advance to victory!


Comrade Ulisse, general secretary of the Central Committee of the (new) ICP.